jeudi, juin 25, 2009

Baptême de Jasmine

Le recent baptême de ma petite cousine Jasmine a été l'occasion pour la famille de Bruneau de se retrouver. Voici comment on a l'air heureux quand on est emsemble :

<--- Arielle, Luc, Héliane et Jasmine ;)

<-- La jolie église ou la baptême a eu lieu

Encore quelque images ;)

<--- Moi et Laurie

<--- Mon père, ses frères Pierre, Charles et Hilarion ;)

<---- Ma belle soeur Maryse et mon ti frère Alex.

Ma niece Axelle et sa grand-maman ( ma mere ). Trop cute ;) Deux belles paires de joues a croquer.

Merci a ma cousine pour ce beau petit moment plein de soleil.
Le gateau aux framboises... était un DÉLICE!!!!!!

Walking down the street of dreams, eating from the fruits of life
Tripping now on the smallest things
Trying to reach the light, trying to reach the light
Pick the key up off the floor, put the key into the lock
Turn the lock, open up the door
Look at all you've got, look at all you've got
All the sinners are saints, all you creatures of faith
Don't need to be afraid
If you know what I mean let me hear you say

Peace be upon us, peace be upon us
Be upon us all
" - Peace be upon us - Sheryl Crow

dimanche, mai 24, 2009

Flowers Day ;)

Il fesait beau... les oiseaux fesaient cuicui.. j'ai décider de faire mes boites a fleurs ;)

"It's not magic it's not madness
Just the elements I style
And I guarantee faithfully I will never go
Until all is said and done
In a twinkling I'll be gone
Well excuse me I have so much more to do "-Flower Power, Stevie Wonder

dimanche, avril 26, 2009

Ma nouvelle plante....

C'est amusant comme un petit changement dans notre environement peut nous rendre heureux.
C'est trop beau ;)
C'est un Bougainvillier suspendu....

"I wanna kiss you
But if i do then i might miss you, babe
It's complicated and stupid
Got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
Guess he wants to play, wants to play
I love game, i love game

Hold me and love me
Just want touch you for a minute
Baby three seconds is in it for my heart to quit it" -Love Game, Lady Gaga

lundi, avril 20, 2009

Karaoke All night long

J'ai passé une super belle soirée, mais je supplis les gens qui font les tounes karaoke en francais..... OUBLIEZ LE MIDI! Cé pas vrai que ca sonne correct avec un bon sound system... C'est HORRIBLE... ;)

Merci,. Ca fait du bien.

"Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight
I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Either way I found out
I'm nothing without you
"-My life would suck without you, Kelly Clarkson

dimanche, avril 05, 2009


I wanna let it go. But I cant.
I feel lonely but I cant see anyone.
I wanna cry, But i'm outta tears.
It's so nice to be that free.

"I dont know whats right and whats real anymore
I dont know how Im meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
Cuz Im being taken over by The Fear"-Lily Allen

mardi, mars 31, 2009

I dont know.

Doest it hurt more with or without, I cant tell
but i'm about to find out.

"You just can't win.
And so it goes until the day you die.
This thing they call love,
its gonna make you cry."Adam Sandler - Love Stinks lyrics